What the Stars are Saying

Madison Reale  |  Volleyball  |  Manchester, Mo.

"Stephens College has several phenomenal aspects that have helped me prepare for the future. Not only has it allowed me to continue competing in a sport I am passionate about, but it is also a family-like environment. Initially, strong communal bond was not a criterion during my college search; however, I am now a junior and see how rare and valuable the connections created at Stephens truly are. Everyone cares for one another and motivates each other to succeed on and off the court. It has been such an amazing experience for me because of the community – professors, staff and the student body – that empowers one another. There is a storied tradition of hard work, which fits well with the athletic mindset instilled in me ever since I started playing volleyball. I could not imagine myself anywhere else."

Emily (Mendoza) Fellers  |  Cross Country, Tennis  |  Iowa City, Iowa

"Being an athlete at Stephens College has defined my college experience in ways I never expected, and I am incredibly thankful. In true Stephens spirit, our athletic teams are wonderfully different than what you would get at most other college or universities. Our coaches support the fact that we are students first, and that we are also involved in many other things besides athletics. They genuinely care about our growth into well-rounded, intelligent, compassionate, bold Stephens women, and understand that being an athlete is just a part of that. But they also challenge us to dig deep, race hard, play hard, and to work hard as a team, and that drive spills over into everything else we do on campus. If you want to come to a college where you will grow exponentially as an individual, as a student, as a leader, and as an athlete (and yes, you can do it all!), then Stephens is entirely worth your consideration."