2016-17 Home Schedule
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Home Schedule for 2016-17
Day Time Sport   OpponentLocation
Fri197:00 PMVolleyball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Sat2012:00 PMVolleyball vs. Trinity International UniversitySilverthorne Arena
 Stephens College Triangular
Sat204:00 PMVolleyball vs. Central Methodist UniversitySilverthorne Arena
 Stephens College Triangular
Wed247:00 PMVolleyball vs. Missouri Valley CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Fri264:00 PMSoccer vs. Evangel UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Tue307:00 PMJV Volleyball vs. Central Christian CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Wed314:00 PMSoccer vs. Manhattan Christian CollegeColumbia, Mo.
Sat31:00 PMSoccer vs. Brescia UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Thu156:00 PMSoccer vs. Fontbonne UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Wed216:00 PMSoccer vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Sat2412:00 PMSoccer vs. Freed-HardemanColumbia, Mo.
Wed286:00 PMSoccer vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleColumbia, Mo.
Sat15:15 PMSoccer vs. Park UniversityColumbia, Mo.
 Welcome Home Family & Friends Weekend
Tue47:00 PMVolleyball vs. Missouri Baptist UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Fri77:00 PMVolleyball vs. Harris-Stowe State UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Sat1512:00 PMSoccer vs. Williams Baptist CollegeColumbia, Mo.
 Senior Day
Tue187:00 PMVolleyball vs. Park UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Fri217:00 PMSoccer vs. Columbia CollegeColumbia, Mo.
Thu277:00 PMVolleyball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Tue17:00 PMBasketball vs. Central Methodist UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Thu35:00 PMVolleyball vs. Central Baptist CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Fri45:00 PMVolleyball vs. Freed-HardemanSilverthorne Arena
 Senior Night
Sat191:00 PMBasketball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversitySilverthorne Arena
 Alumnae Weekend
Thu17:00 PMBasketball vs. Lyon CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Sat31:00 PMBasketball vs. Central Baptist CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Sat311:00 PMBasketball vs. Harris-Stowe State UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Tue37:00 PMBasketball vs. Park UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Sat71:00 PMBasketball vs. Saint Louis College of PharmacySilverthorne Arena
Thu197:00 PMBasketball vs. Missouri Baptist UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Thu27:00 PMBasketball vs. Freed-HardemanSilverthorne Arena
Sat41:00 PMBasketball vs. Williams Baptist CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Thu97:00 PMBasketball vs. Columbia CollegeSilverthorne Arena
Thu167:00 PMBasketball vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleSilverthorne Arena
Fri171:00 PMSoftball vs. Briar Cliff UniversityFulton, Mo. | William Woods University
Fri17Game 2Softball vs. Briar Cliff UniversityFulton, Mo. | William Woods University
Sat1812:00 PMSoftball vs. Morningside CollegeFulton, Mo. | Westminster College
Sat18Game 2Softball vs. Morningside CollegeFulton, Mo. | Westminster College
Thu237:00 PMBasketball vs. William Woods UniversitySilverthorne Arena
Thu22:00 PMSoftball vs. Graceland UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Thu2Game 2Softball vs. Graceland UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Tue72:00 PMSoftball vs. Evangel UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Tue7Game 2Softball vs. Evangel UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Thu92:00 PMSoftball vs. Clarke UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Thu9Game 2Softball vs. Clarke UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Fri1012:00 PMSoftball vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleColumbia, Mo.
Fri10Game 2Softball vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleColumbia, Mo.
Wed152:00 PMSoftball vs. Haskell Indian Nations UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Wed15Game 2Softball vs. Haskell Indian Nations UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Sat181:00 PMSoftball vs. Harris-Stowe State UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Sat18Game 2Softball vs. Harris-Stowe State UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Sat251:00 PMSoftball vs. Ecclesia CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Sat25Game 2Softball vs. Ecclesia CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Tue284:00 PMSoftball vs. Principia CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Tue28Game 2Softball vs. Principia CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Fri312:00 PMSoftball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Fri31Game 2Softball vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Sat112:00 PMSoftball vs. Freed-HardemanColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Sat1Game 2Softball vs. Freed-HardemanColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Sat81:00 PMTennis vs. Evangel UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Wed122:00 PMSoftball vs. Missouri Valley CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Wed12Game 2Softball vs. Missouri Valley CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Fri142:00 PMSoftball vs. Williams Baptist CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Fri14Game 2Softball vs. Williams Baptist CollegeColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
Sat1511:00 AMTennis vs. Saint Louis College of PharmacyColumbia, Mo.
Tue182:00 PMSoftball vs. Saint Louis College of PharmacyColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
 Rescheduled from 3/11
Tue18Game 2Softball vs. Saint Louis College of PharmacyColumbia, Mo.Live VideoLive Stats
 Rescheduled from 3/11
Sat2211:00 AMTennis vs. Baker UniversityColumbia, Mo.
Mon1 GolfDay 1 - AMC ChampionshipEugene, Mo. | Redfield Golf & Country Club
Tue2 GolfDay 2 - AMC ChampionshipEugene, Mo. | Redfield Golf & Country Club