Dana Heggemann  |  Basketball  |  Junior  |  Forward  |  Warrenton, Mo.

Representing the NAIA Champions of Character core value of Responsibility for the 2014-15 school year is Dana Heggemann. caught up with Dana to discuss the meaning of integrity: - What does it mean to play with responsibility on the basketball team at Stephens College?
Heggemann: Playing with responsibility means not only playing for me, but also playing and representing Stephens College along with my teammates. Basketball is a fast game; I have learned not to dwell on the mistakes made but to move on to the next play. Staying positive and not getting in my head is one of the only ways to be successful on the court. This also goes for my teammates, I have the responsibility to make sure they stay positive and pick them up when they are being hard on themselves both on and off the court.

Responsibility is not limited to my teammates on the court, but it also encompasses the other team and referees. As a player it is my responsibility to treat the other players as I would like to be treated. This includes helping them up when they fall down, playing aggressive but not looking to hurt anyone, and showing respect no matter what they say or do. The referees also need to be treated with respect. It is my responsibility to be honest with them and realize they are human too. They are doing the best they can in judging the game. No one else is responsible for my actions which are the only things I can control. - How does the responsibility that you have learned and displayed on the court translate to your personal and academic life?
Heggemann - The responsibility I have learned on the court directly translates into my personal and academic life. By being involved in basketball and other activities on campus, I must be able to manage my time and stay focused on the task at hand in order to accomplish everything. During the game you have to constantly be aware of the time on the clock and what plays are being run on the court. If you don't have an awareness for the shot clock, it can lead to a big mistake. The same thing is applicable in life outside of basketball. If I do not take responsibility for my time management I can end up missing an assignment or not following through on a commitment.

In life outside of basketball I have to treat others the way I want to be treated. I have to stay true to all my responsibilities and promises. Even when I cannot follow through or do not perform my best, I have to admit I made a mistake and fix it as best I can. I have learned communication and being honest are the best way to be responsible both on and off the court. - Describe a specific example of how you’ve used responsibility in a situation with your teammates or peers, despite the possibility of conflict or tension...
Heggemann - My example cannot be limited to one specific event but rather through the entirety of my sophomore basketball season. The year did not begin well and unfortunately did not get any better, but I know I had a responsibility to the team to make sure we stayed positive and always tried our best. I tried to encourage everyone to give their best effort and to have fun playing the game, win or lose. It may not have worked every game and was certainly not an easy task, but we made it through the season and not only came out as better players, but better people. - How does acting with responsibility set the groundwork for a successful career and life after your time at Stephens College?
Heggemann - Everything I have learned at Stephens College is preparing me for life after college. I hope to continue my education after I graduate from Stephens so being responsible is key to my success. My ever-improving skills of time management, taking responsibility for my actions and treating others as I would like to be treated will transition well into life after Stephens and beyond. Whether it is continuing my education or a future job, I know I am already ahead of the game by being responsible for myself and those around me. Who is one person that you look up to in regards to responsibility?
Heggemann - There are so many people in my life I look up to and I am my fortunate to have an amazing support system. Since I cannot pick just one, I would say my mom and dad are the people I look up to the most. I have played basketball as long as I can remember and I can count on one hand how many games they have missed. On the rare occasion that they cannot make it, there's always a phone call waiting when I get done. They're my best supporters. I have three sisters and I am sure they will say the same thing. Our parents have always put our needs before theirs and have given us many amazing opportunities which have showed us how to be truly responsible for ourselves and others.

They also own a business and are very involved in the community. I have learned my commitment from them. They always follow through with every task they are given and never leave anyone or any task without trying to improve the situation. They are responsible for a great deal of things and still manage to complete everything. My mom and dad are the best example of responsibility a daughter could be given.