Athletic Training

About Peak Sport & Spine

Peak Sport & Spine is the official athletic training provider for Stephens during the 2016-17 school year. Peak Sport & Spine employs several Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who work with our student-athletes to manage injuries. The staff strives to maintain the physical and mental health of student-athletes through prevention recognition, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Shelby Reed, an employee of Peak Sport & Spine, serves as Stephens’ primary athletic trainer. In addition to providing daily visits to Stephens practice facilities throughout the year, Shelby (or a Peak Sport & Spine ATC) will be on-site for all home sporting events to help prevent and manage injuries.

Student-Athlete Privacy & Confidentiality

The content of a student-athlete’s athletic medical file is considered Personal Health Information (PHI) and is therefore protected by law. PHI includes, but is not limited to: documentation regarding the nature and treatment of an injury/illness, medical history, pre-participation screening exam, participation status, insurance coverage and copies of any other medical records. Information obtained from any of these documents is considered confidential. The athletic training staff will not disclose (written and/or verbally” any of the information contained in these records without the written consent of the student-athlete. The signed consent form will be kept on file in the athletic training room.